The MendaHouse

in Cameroon

Who we are

We are

MendaHouse is made up of a small group of highly committed volunteers at Bamendankwe in Cameroon as well as the board and members of the recently founded non-profit support organisation of "MendaHouse e.V." in Germany.

The initiators of MendaHouse - Julia and Julius Tantoh - live and work in Erfurt, Germany. They came up with the idea to support school children in Bamendankwe some time ago. Julius himself grew up in Bamendankwe before leaving the community to study and work abroad. Being in constant contact with his relatives and friends from the community, he has seen school children and their families struggling to complete primary and secondary education.

The personal commitment started with supporting pupils by paying school fees and convincing friends and relatives to do the same. In fact, supporting individuals is a good start. But seeing stagnation of school graduates and the negative impact it has in the society, it became obvious that much more could and should be done. For now, our focus is on creating MendaHouse as an infrastructure to provide young people and their families with most of the support they need in order to get them through high school.



The board members of MendaHouse (from right to left): Julius Tantoh (first chairperson), Dr. Rebecca Voll (second chairperson) & Julia Tantoh (treasurer)