The MendaHouse

in Cameroon

The MendaHouse

The concept

We create a supportive environment for children (study rooms, library, and a computer lab with internet access) and provide advice and tutoring for children and parents in Bamendankwe.

MendaHouse programs will promote a strong social commitment of the local community in order to engage and contribute to future projects according to the potentials and competencies of its institutions and members.

Our belief is that

education is a basic human right and plays a key role with regard to the intellectual development and material well-being of individuals, the economic performance of a society, as well as social cohesion. Unfortunately, in many parts of Cameroon, not all children have equal access to education. 


2023 News:

=> The building of a fence to protect the community members at the facility and the facility itself is almost completed. The plan is to finish installing the gate by August ending 2023.

=> School holidays computer courses for summer 2023 are currently going on at the center.   










Gender, socioeconomic status, and geographical location are said to be the main factors affecting both equal access to education and educational attainment of children in Cameroon. Less than one-third of children in Cameroon complete secondary education.


our main concern is about equal access to education and educational attainment of school children. By creating support structures and competencies for children in the community, we hope to bring our vision closer to reality, which is that all children of Bamendankwe do have equal opportunities with regard to accessing and completing primary and secondary education regardless of their gender, socioeconomic status, parental and religious background.

Our projects are based on three pillars:

  1. Creating an appropriate study environment project or capacity building center with study rooms, library & computer labs.
  2. Providing educational services to children and families consultation, tutoring and training.
  3. Raising awareness & promoting social commitment among the members of the community.

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