The MendaHouse

in Cameroon


How to support MendaHouse and its projects:

Your donation supports our various projects in Bamendankwe. MendaHouse e.V. is a recognized charitable organization. Therefore, your donation is tax deductible. A donation receipt for tax purposes is available upon request.


This is how you can support MendaHouse and its projects:

  • with donations to MendaHouse's donation account (please do not forget to give your address if you need a donation receipt);
  • by becoming a sponsoring member of MendaHouse. As a sponsoring member you support MendaHouse and its projects over a longer period of time by transacting a monthly membership fee to our donation account (you decide yourself on the amount!). Sponsoring members help us to do better long-term planning, especially when it comes to financing personnel in Bamendankwe.
  • with your ideas, networks and talents.


Please contact us for more detailed information. Write an e-mail to info[at] or use our contact form.

Donation Account:

IBAN: DE37 3706 0193 5004 1630 11


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